Athena - Tool measuring device, Athena


Athena is a new tool measuring device that can be used “anywhere by anybody.”
The device can measure end mill geometries with high precision “whenever,” “wherever” and “by anybody.”
The device is highly portable thanks to its industry-first light, compact design.
Manual, easy measuring operation will greatly contribute to the improvement of working efficiency and cost reduction.


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  • Short end mill measurement time - About 1/10 of our previous model
    Athena can quickly measure even a large quantity of end mills. The device can substantially cut down the time required for measurement. From setting to measurement result confirmation, it takes only 10 seconds. By cutting down on the waste working time, the device will contribute to the promotion of efficiency and the reduction of cost.
  • Light, compact and portable
    The industry-first light, compact design has enabled the relocation of the device after setting, which had been conventionally impossible. The device can be housed compactly, and stored anyplace. Measurement at different locations with the same device can minimize the discrepancy in measurement results.
  • Easy, high-precision measurement by anybody
    By just entering the measurement item and manually turning the work piece, anybody can easily use Athena for measurement. The device has been designed for use mainly on site with the maintained high degree of performance and precision. Repeat measurement precision is 3σ < 1µm (under our measurement standard).
  • Telecentric lens
  • Software
  • High-magnification lens
Applicable geometries

Applicable geometries

  • Products lineup
  • Micron R100 / P200
  • DIAPET 540 series
  • Special tools
  • Prism 3000 square / ball / radius
  • Athena

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